Surrounded by restaurants and gift shops you can miss “The Library” unless you’re looking for it. The Library with a Long Beach twist, is not a typical cafe.

The fun comes once you step inside. There are ornaments hanging from the ceiling at all times of the year, paintings by various artists, brightly colored couches and walls adorned with pictures of various artists and regulars of the coffee house.

Bookshelves line the walls of this cozy cafe and there is a piano in the corner of one room that and you can hear somebody play at open mic nights.

The environment is much more suited to a student’s needs. Having studied here during finals week first semester, The Library will be on your list of go-to study spots. The smooth music combined with rooms packed with people focusing on their work is usual scene here with the occasional table or two of people talking or playing a card game provides you with all the study vibes you could want.

There are two rooms to choose from when you enter The Library. The first is generally meant for groups or people who want to quietly talk . The second room just past the counter is more quiet and focused.It gives the perfect balance of comfort and ambiance to study.

There are outlets near almost every table and chair in the room and the music is just loud enough so that you can’t hear the people in the room) but can still hear your own thoughts.

The Library is a local favorite and fills up quickly . If you plan on studying here during midterm or finals season, try to set up camp early in the day and find a good parking spot since it’s in a fairly busy area. Despite how crowded it gets, there is always a maintained level of noise that allows for studying.

One thing that sets The Library apart is its stamping system that benefits the regulars. Upon request you can get a card stamped every time you purchase a drink and get your 10th drink free. These stamps can rack up quickly if you find yourself making the 5-minutes drive from anywhere in Long Beach.

The Coffee House has the open mic nights too which you can enjoy the occasional local artists and stand-up shows.

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